Beautiful and healthy smiles

Our therapies

Prophylaxis and dental hygiene

Oral hygiene is the prerequisite for a healthy dentition and for the long-term maintenance of any restoration. The sessions with our dental hygiene team aim to eliminate bacterial plaque and tartar. In addition, the patient is instructed on how to perform proper home hygiene.

Conservative dentistry

Conservative treatments aim to eliminate carious lesions, to replace old insufficient fillings and to adequately reconstruct the tooth by using composite resins. Modern composites have a wide choice of colours, the filling is therefore perfectly camouflaged in the treated tooth.

Fixed prosthetics (Cerec)

It allows the dentist to reconstruct heavily damaged teeth thanks to modern computerized technology, which consists in taking an optical impression with a camera and then milling the reconstruction on the same appointment. The treatment can be performed in one sitting and the traditional dental impressions are thus no longer necessary. This technology is indicated for:

  • Inlays and crowns with ceramic, composite, or hybrid materials
  • Veneers and anterior crowns individualized directly to the patient
  • Reconstructions on implants
  • Digital radiographic planning for implant surgery
  • Digital impression for extensive reconstructions manufactured by our dental technicians


Root treatment is necessary when the caries has advanced enough to inflame the tooth or following trauma. The nerve (pulp) is removed, the root canal disinfected and sealed with special materials. Subsequently the tooth is reconstructed with the original morphology.


Even the supporting tissue of the tooth can present pathologies which compromise its stability and cause pain. Periodontal treatment consists in eliminating the infected tissue, initially with hygiene sessions, then through targeted surgical interventions. In special cases, a laser can be used. Retractions of the gums of the teeth can be surgically covered.


To replace the roots of the missing teeth, one or more titanium screws are inserted in the maxillary bone through surgery under local anaesthesia. After the necessary healing period, a dental prosthesis is fixed on the implant. The implants are also indicated for stabilizing removable prostheses.

In our dental office we only use materials that come from companies with decades of experience, and tested in international studies to confirm their quality and reliability.

Oral surgery

It includes among others the removal of compromised teeth and poorly positioned wisdom teeth, periodontal surgery, soft tissue therapies and apical resections on teeth with infectious pathologies.


The Co2 laser allows the treatment of gum infection, the removal of the labial or lingual frenulum, the removal of fibroids, the treatment of herpes and hypersensitive teeth. It significantly reduces bleeding, pain and healing time.

Digital volumetric tomography

It is a complete three-dimensional visualization of dental and bone structures for a better diagnosis of pathologies. It is also an important aid in planning surgery and implantology and in ideal cases it makes it possible to insert implants without surgical incisions.

Dental microscopy

It is useful for greater visibility and precision in treatments. The microscope allows you to identify issues that are otherwise difficult to see with the naked eye, particularly in surgery and endodontics.

Removable prosthetics

It is an effective solution to replace large segments of missing teeth. The classic total prosthesis can also be stabilized to the remaining teeth or dental implants through special attachments.

Orthodontics on adults

In our dental office we perform orthodontic treatments for aesthetic problems on adult patients. We provide a series of transparent aligners which, worn all day, apply a constant and controlled pressure on the teeth. This pressure gradually brings the teeth to the desired position. For more complex situations, we work with regional orthodontists.

Paediatric dentistry

For both prevention and treatment, we perform a preliminary orthodontic evaluation in children teenagers. In the event that an orthodontic treatment is deemed necessary, the patient is referred to a specialist in the region.

Computer-controlled anaesthesia (The Wand)

It delivers the anaesthesia in a more comfortable way than traditional syringes. The Wand drops the numbing agent in the injection site delivering it through a very thin needle. It allows a more targeted local anaesthesia to perform fillings and extractions of milk teeth.

Conscious sedation

Nitrous oxide was already used in the 1800s as an analgesic effect for dental treatments and general surgery. Nowadays, it is used in low concentrations to allow the patient a more relaxing treatment. The mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, also suitable for children, is inhaled through a nasal mask.

Muscle and joint pains of the face

Diagnosis and treatment of headaches and facial, muscle or joint pains of the masticatory system. Doctor Lorenzo Reali was a university assistant at the orofacial pain clinic of the University of Zurich (Prof. Sandro Palla).